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The Oriental Orthodox Christian Church, which traces its roots back to Jesus Christ as documented in the New Testament, proudly holds the title of being the oldest Christian Church globally. It has a deep connection to the early days of Christianity, with a history spanning nearly two thousand years, keeping the teachings of Christ intact while adapting to different cultures.

One distinctive feature of Orthodoxy is its traditional and beautiful style of worship, featuring ancient Traditions and icons. It also places a strong emphasis on spiritual discipline and monasticism, which involves a focused and prayerful way of life.

The Orthodox Church maintains its unity through a system of collective decision-making and the significance of key gatherings known as Ecumenical Councils. Additionally, it comprises self-governing branches, each independent but united in faith, which adds diversity to the tradition.

The historical importance of the Orthodox Church is demonstrated in its connection to key events in Christian history. For example, it is tied to the story of the Holy Family seeking refuge in Egypt. The Coptic Orthodox Church, based in Egypt, treasures this connection. It also celebrates the legacy of St. Mark the Evangelist, who brought Christianity to Egypt and left a lasting mark on the Church's language and practices.

Today, the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt, alongside its sister churches worldwide, continues to honor this rich history. These historical events highlight the deep and enduring Christian roots in Egypt, which have made a significant impact on the broader tapestry of Orthodox Christianity.

If you are interested in learning more about the Coptic Orthodox Church, please visit the website of the Coptic Orthodox Church of the Southern United States today. 

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