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At St. Mary OCS, our embrace of uniforms is rooted in creating a vibrant school culture and fostering a strong sense of pride and unity. The flexible choices in uniform bottoms prioritize student comfort, allowing them to focus on their education and engage wholeheartedly in our spirited and close-knit school community. Uniforms at our school not only ensure equality but also serve as a source of collective identity, emphasizing the importance of character, actions, and contributions in shaping a positive and inclusive learning environment.

List of approved Uniform Clothing


Selecting bright blue and orange as our specific colors for our uniform polo shirts plays a vital role in fostering a strong sense of school spirit and identity at St. Mary OCS. These chosen colors symbolize our unity and pride in belonging to our school community. When students wear these colors, they are not just wearing a uniform; they are representing the values, traditions, and shared experiences that make our school unique. This uniformity brings us together, reminding us that we are part of something greater than ourselves — a supportive and inclusive educational family where every student is encouraged to thrive and contribute to our vibrant school spirit.


Indeed, uniforms are a practical choice that streamlines the morning routine for our students and their families. By eliminating the need to decide on daily outfits, students gain valuable time in the morning that can be better spent preparing for the day ahead, enjoying breakfast with family, or simply finding a moment of calm before school. This efficiency not only reduces morning stress but also encourages punctuality and ensures that our students start their day with a focused and positive mindset, ready to embrace the educational opportunities that await at St. Mary OCS.

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